Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Vegas Vacation

This is just a small recap of our Vegas Vacation. We had so much fun
 going and look forward to heading back again in the future!
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I married Mr. Wright

This statement has never rang as true as it does now. My husband is the world's greatest. With all this "baby drama" he has been a rock. The more Chris and I spend time together and talk, the more I realize Chris wants me to get pregnant just as much as I do. He really does. He talks about it all the time, and he seems so excited to be a Dad. And I want to make his a Dad so badly. He is the sweetest, most amazing guy, and I love him so much! He works so hard each and everyday, and often times I feel unworthy of such a great husband. I married Mr. Wright. He is perfect. I love you Chris Wright.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling Down & Out

I am feeling overwhelmed right now, and I'm not exactly sure what I can do to change that. Chris & I started trying for a baby nearly 2.5 years ago. It wasn't until this past December that I finally had answers-but I swear this just keeps dragging on and on. First it was wait until February 1st, now I am waiting until March 15th for my next appt, and I still don't know if we will even get the green light to start trying again then. I hate having to keep waiting, and having things pushed back. And to make things even more difficult EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE around me is pregnant. People who are trying, people who aren't. EVERYONE! I have to be honest, if I hear of one more pregnancy before my own I might go into hiding. I hate feeling this way, but what is a girl left to do. I mean I get it, God has a plan, and it's not meant to be yet, and in the Lord's time. I get it. But I'm so sick of waiting! Grrr! Here's to hoping that March 15th is the day!

Hoping to be a Mommy...SOON!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Blog, New Um.....

So I started a blog on tumblr, go here if you're curious. It's more of a me only blog. Just quick quotes, and pictures about me. I just got word I made Deans List. First time ever! I got a 3.89 last term. I am rounding it to a 4.0 though. Because I wasn't aware you got "A-" in college. I enrolled for 24 credits next term, Pray for me. Chris is great though for supporting me through all this. I am excited to get through this term, and be able to relax a little next term. I also have a follow up appointment coming up on February 1st, with my OBGYN/Fertility Specialist. I will hopefully be getting the green light, to start trying for a baby again. I can hardly wait! It's more exciting than Christmas! Chris is staying busy, and I am resting up before the term starts. I am also doing a few parties, and bridal shows for Jamberry Nails, so that will be fun. And there are possible wedding bells in our future, seems like my little Sis is getting pretty serious about marrying her BF. We will see! Other than that, not much to update. Until next time....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday & Bedrest

Well I should start with the bed-rest, huh....
Dec 5th, 2011-I woke up a little nervous, and Chris drove me to OHSU to await surgery. I checked in a few hours early, and Chris helped me pee. HA! It was difficult with an IV a robe that exposed my backside. It was a quick surgery. I remember being put under, and then 2 hours later I remember coming out of the fog. I apparently came out using sign language. No one knew ASL so I don't know if it was correct or not....But Chris drove me home that day, picked up my pharmacy (I am taking alot of meds)-and Chris began the difficult task of playing nurse. According to my family, I am a bit of a handful in these situations. I passed out early that night, and the next day was alot of the same. By Wednesday I was up and feeling better. I was still tender and tired but better. The Doctor told Chris the surgery was a touchdown, and it went exactly as planned. I did the math today and Chris and I can start trying Feb 13th, Valentines Baby!! ;) I want to Vegas. We shall see.
Dec 9th, 2011- I woke up..25. It was a good day. I call it the year of Zebra. I had a beautiful zebra print cake, got lots of zebra print presents, and had a yummy dinner at Roadhouse. It was a good birthday, and hopefully the last birthday before I become a mommy! Crossing our fingers!